“We at Eastern Quay Asset Management recognise
that each client faces different challenges and
has a unique set of aspirations and goals.”

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At Eastern Quay Asset Management (EQUAM) we understand that all of our clients are individuals and everyone faces different challenges in their financial life.

We place a strong emphasis on developing and maintaining the highest possible level of proprietary expertise. Our staff has a wide range of experience, education, and professional training. Additionally, we continuously scrutinise ourselves and the financial services marketplace to guarantee that we provide the most modern solutions to meet the needs of our clients.

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Eastern Quay Asset Management has a time-tested, disciplined approach to investing. We are a “total portfolio” manager using an actively diversified investment approach.

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Eastern Quay Asset Management financial planning services can help clients identify their financial strengths and weaknesses and assess their overall financial health.

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Whether it’s the sale of a security, the exercising of a stock option or SAR, the transfer of real estate or the gifting of appreciated securities, advance planning regarding the tax impact of the transaction is critical.

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