“We at Eastern Quay Asset Management recognise
that each client faces different challenges and
has a unique set of aspirations and goals.”

Who We Are

Here at Eastern Quay Asset Management we strongly believe that each and every one of our clients is an individual and that each face distinct and evolving challenges throughout their financial life.

We understand and embrace this individuality through our close client contact and our tailor made solutions which have been developed, improved and tested over many years.

We place a strong emphasis on developing and maintaining our expertise and up to date market awareness.

This is achieved through constant education and professional training, without losing sight of our personal touch, which has proved key to our ongoing and continued success. We do not take this lightly and are continuously scrutinising ourselves and the financial marketplace to guarantee that we always provide the most modern solutions to meet the needs of our clients.

Lastly, we believe in the need for effective communication, as implementing and understanding complex financial strategies in a simple to understand way is key to earning, building and maintaining trust with our valued clients.

Our Mission

Our mission at Eastern Quay Asset Management is to help each client achieve their unique definition of financial success.

We seek to carry out this mission with an unwavering commitment to understanding our clients, and this, in turn, helps us to develop unbiased and integrated plans that meet our clients’ financial objectives.

At Eastern Quay Asset Management, we treat every client as if he or she were part of our family, linking our success to theirs and putting their needs ahead of our own.

Our Vision

Our vision at Eastern Quay Asset Management is to establish Strategic Financial Concepts as the new standard in the financial services industry, using our innovative, customer-centric method of integrated and comprehensive financial planning.