“We at Eastern Quay Asset Management recognise
that each client faces different challenges and
has a unique set of aspirations and goals.”

Investment Management

Here at Eastern Quay Asset Management, we are happy to liaise closely with our clients and have several practical approaches that can be individualised to fit into any diversified portfolio.

Sometimes, investors can find it difficult to keep the emotional element out of investing and consequently make impulsive decisions with their hearts rather than their heads.

We will show that by keeping a logical, more disciplined approach to making investment decisions based on market knowledge, awareness and our combined experience of many years trading, clients can avoid the financial pitfalls of reacting to the market rather than being proactive.

We have designed a customised model that determines a specific and proportionate allocation of assets for each client to pursue their life goals while minimising risk.

Our models and approach also reflect how tax consequences, as well as life choices, such as tax domicile or charitable giving, affect lifestyles and estate legacies. This also simplifies making better financial decisions and reduces stress associated with decision-making.

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